Today kicks off the annual Week of Respect in New Jersey as mandated by the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (the “Anti-Bullying Law”).  Schools across the state are celebrating the Week of Respect by recognizing the importance of positive school climates and providing students with a safe and supportive learning environment.

The Anti-Bullying Law requires districts to provide age-appropriate instruction focusing on the prevention of harassment, intimidation and bullying (“HIB”).  Activities and initiatives will vary depending on your district and school, so go to their websites to see what is planned in your area.

This first Monday of October also marks World Day of Bullying Prevention as well as the start of National Bullying Prevention Month.  Wear blue to show your support and check out STOMP Out Bullying to see what you can do in October to raise awareness of bullying prevention.  Things you can do include:

·       Making friends with someone you don’t know

·       Challenging others to be kind

·       Celebrating National Coming Out Day with the LGBTQ community on October 11th

·       Standing up for someone you see being bullied

·       Making others feel welcome by including them

·       Starting a conversation among your peers

Let’s all take a minute or more during the month of October to help prevent and stop Bullying and Cyber-Bullying!

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Philip Taylor